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BQ mobiles prices in Pakistan are updated from local Pakistani market daily here for you. What BQ mobile you like in 2019? Check specifications, features, photos, vidoes, reviews, wallpapers, software, ring tones for all new BQ mobile models online. Compare latest BQ phone sets prices and features daily.

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Rs. 41500
Rs. 24500
Rs. 24200
Rs. 26500
Rs. 32500
Rs. 20800
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Latest Mobile Reviews
Some how better then Xs Nice battery timing +upgraded camera!
Yx September 21, 2019
Sir from where i can buy realme Q? Some webs are showing status comin
Sid September 20, 2019
Muje lenovo phap plus2 ke casing o r frant glass chaheye
Shafiq awan September 20, 2019
Dosto ye mobile whatapp kholni PR whatapp stopped likhta koi solutions
Tameer September 20, 2019
I need 2 original batteries of sony ericssion w850 i
Kamran September 20, 2019
Mujhe nokia 301chahye kisi ache condition me
Muhammad yaseen September 19, 2019
Is this phone launched in pakistan? if not what is launch date?
Farooq Qaisar September 19, 2019
This mobile has multi functions and unbelieveable look,price and funct
babar ali September 19, 2019
When will xiaomi redmi be launched in Pakistan ?
Arslan Umar September 19, 2019
Very good specification of OPPO A 9 2020
Khawaja Rehan Siddiqui September 19, 2019