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BQ Phones

BQ mobiles prices in Pakistan are updated from local Pakistani market daily here for you. What BQ mobile you like in 2020? Check specifications, features, photos, vidoes, reviews, wallpapers, software, ring tones for all new BQ mobile models online. Compare latest BQ phone sets prices and features daily.

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Rs. 41500
Rs. 24500
Rs. 24200
Rs. 26500
Rs. 32500
Rs. 20800
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Latest BQ Mobiles in Pakistan

Updated list of recently viewed BQ mobiles models in Pakistan and worldwide online (not top or best just recently viewed BQ mobiles).

Latest Mobile Reviews
This smartphone has different features and specifications and we can e
Zaryab Khalid September 18, 2020
I need a mobile.
Atif Waqar September 17, 2020
I want to purchase it.
Atif Waqar September 17, 2020
I want to win this wonderful mobile.
Atif Waqar September 17, 2020
Hello my personal opinion this smart watch is attach screen stick som
sheraz ahmad September 17, 2020
From where I can get this device?
Talha September 17, 2020
Gfive 4 sim king 1 set chahiye
Imran September 17, 2020
Ya mobile acha ha g
Muhammad saqlain September 17, 2020
Careen, uber, airlift and swvl are not responding. How do I download t
Fatima September 16, 2020
This device allows for three android updates after 10.0
Ale Raza September 16, 2020

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