Upcoming Mobiles Prices in Pakistan, Upcoming Cell Phone Sets

Upcoming Mobiles

Upcoming mobiles are those cell phones which are yet not released, also called future mobiles or handsets. So not available in local market for sale purchase until released. Here is the list of all mobile brands upcoming mobiles including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Blackberry, China Mobiles, Motorola, HTC, Trend, Qmobile etc.

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Rs. 189200
Rs. 41300
Rs. 99000
Rs. 23200
Rs. 51700
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Rs. 35900
Rs. 65000
Rs. 32500
Rs. 112500
Rs. 42700
Rs. 107800
Rs. 13700
Rs. 25700
Rs. 15400
Rs. 17200
Rs. 70700
Rs. 80000
Rs. 41800
Rs. 89200
Rs. 37200
Rs. 37200
Rs. 27900
Rs. 83700
Rs. 18600
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Latest Mobile Reviews
I want this mobile. I like Hawaii company
Mehtab Abbasi October 11, 2019
Need oppo phone one of the best brand in the world i am using realme 3
Adnan shah October 11, 2019
Nice phone but very high price. Price should be maximum 50000
Pak Mega Place www.pakmegaplace.com October 11, 2019
I love
Abdul haseeb October 11, 2019
I love
Abdul Haseeb October 11, 2019
Best feature mobile and best price. I like lenovo brand.
Mohammad farhan October 11, 2019
Where i can buy this mobile? I want it
Usman Subhani October 10, 2019
Its good that Nokia is rebooting the old giants back in the market to
Abdur Rehman October 10, 2019
Play video in 720 o r 1080 not in just mp4
Umer zaib October 10, 2019
I want this mobile because this is looking so beautiful
Rana Zahid October 09, 2019